Friday, April 19, 2013

The Banana Split....

The task was to paint a still life painting in a week long workshop with Ted Nuttall, a fabulous teacher of watercolors.

I couldn't stand that thought of flowers in the pot, blocks on the table, or other more "traditional" still life prospects.  So I painted a banana split.  

Ice cream is yummy and chocolate, strawberries and nuts with whipped cream sounded like just the ticket for me.  So here it is:  The banana split.

Instead of just looking at mine, why not go out and get your own????

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Miss Molly Brown

Miss Molly Brown passed away and is residing at Rainbow Bridge.  She was an outdoor girl, a mountain queen, and best friend of my friend Janis Huggins.  
I thought it was fitting that I paint Molly Brown for Janis.  Like many of us, Janis is a dog lover and misses Molly Brown every single day.  I can relate to that.  Each of our fuzzy children is special, and has a permanent place in our heart.  
Here's for you Janis.  
With love,  Elle