Sunday, September 16, 2012


Meet BOB.  He is gorgeous and will be a gift to Scottsdale Artists School, to raffle off and make money for the school.  His image was photographed by my dear friend, and adopted big sister, Gini Pringle.  She is a fabulous photographer, obviously.  this cat was run up the saguaro by some coyotes.  He sat there patiently until they ran off.


  1. Elle needs to comment in her blog on why she painted this wonderful animal. Because Charles Reid asked her to!!! Toot your horn, Elle!!

  2. OK. Charles Reid recommended me as a participant in the Beaux Artes show, a benefit for Scottsdale Artists Show. Charles is a fabulous painter, and can make everything look incredible. I must admit, I was totally intimidated. So I tried my best to do something that I thought was interesting and stunning. THis was so darned much fun!! Thanks to Charles for the encouragement and for his terrific instruction.