Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miss Chicken in Scottsdale, Arizona

Miss Chicken arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona!  She has been around the world several times, and travels incessantly.  She came here, after waiting for over a year on a list.  All of the artists on the list wanted to paint her.  I wanted to paint her too.

I thought that she would like to see our desert here, so I painted her among the cacti in the Sonoran desert.  I think she enjoyed it here, although she couldn't understand why she couldn't touch the cacti.  I explained that the cacti have large thorns that stick you if you touch them.  One needs to admire them from afar.  She thought that was just fine.

Miss Chicken leaves tomorrow for her next destination.  Good-bye Miss Chicken.  Thank-you for letting me paint you!!

1 comment:

  1. Elle, I love it! Its great that Miss Chicken got to see the desert! She really seems to like those cactus's!